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Compounding - 'Your Medication - Your Way'

Tanos Pharmacy offers specialised compounding services to meet the needs of our patients who are unable to take traditional medicine formats.  Our compounding pharmacists are fully trained by the PCCA (Professional Compounding Chemists of Australia) and have many years of experience in providing compounded medicines.

Our modern compounding laboratory is purpose built to ensure maximum sterility, and to ensure that the optimal temperature and humidity is maintained during batch preparation. 

Our motto is 'Your Medication - Your Way'.  This means that we work in partnership with both you and your healthcare practitioner to find the best health solutions for your needs.  

If you have a question or would like more information please call and speak to one of our friendly compounding pharmacists on 07 3844 3086 or use our Contact form.

Compounding Services

Cosmeceutical Componding

Sun damage, age, stress, smoking and a busy lifestyle can all take its toll on our skin. While we can’t turn back the clock, we can take action to halt future damage and help our skin rejuvenate.

Many cosmetics contain harsh perfumes, chemicals and dyes that can trigger allergic reactions. Cosmeceutical Compounding can create the perfect blend of products and active ingredients to help you achieve great results.

Cosmeceutical Compounding blends active ingredients including vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants and phytochemicals in smooth, easy to apply creams, gels or lotions that are non-comedogenic (which means no pimples). We can also formulate and supply natural alternatives to your essential skin care routines.

Areas of Cosmeceutical Compounding

Our customised cosmeceuticals can be used to treat many conditions including:

  • ​Skin lightening cream
  • Ageing skin
  • Dry, irritated skin
  • Blemished and acne prone skin
  • Reduce redness and inflammation
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Blotchy skin
  • Psoriasis and Eczema
  • Large pores
  • Rosacea
  • Scarring
  • Cracked Heels
  • Nail fungus

Discontinued Medications

Medications can become unavailable for many reasons including:

  • Manufacturing problems resulting in shortages of stock.
  • The manufacturer discontinuing a product, dose, combination or dose form due to declining profitability.
  • Discontinued due to safety concerns (Our compounding pharmacists do not compound these medications).

Where the medications are unavailable for reasons other than safety concerns, our compounding pharmacists can locate the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient, and combine it into the appropriate dose and flavour to suit your needs.

Migraine Compounding

Most people do not know this but migraines rank in the top 20 of the world’s most disabling illnesses. What makes this statistics worse is that migraines are unfortunately a common occurrence, affecting over 10 percent of the world’s population.

A migraine does not refer to a simple headache where you can be able to work your way through it and tolerate the pain. Migraines are severe headaches that either come suddenly or present warning signs before occurring. During migraines, the lights all of a sudden seem too bright, the tiniest of noises becomes too loud, and it feels like a hammer is constantly being banged inside your head.

The main problem associated with migraines is that they affect a person’s professional and personal life. This is because people suffering from migraines do not feel like doing anything and would much rather crawl into bed and sleep the pain away. Let us take a deeper look into migraines, the symptoms, causes, and forms of treatment that patients can seek.

Migraine Symptoms

migraine is a complex condition with a variety of symptoms the most common one being a very painful headache. If you have ever suffered from this condition at one point in your life then you will most probably go through it again unless of course you seek proper treatment. This is because migraines are a reoccurring condition. The following are symptoms of migraines:

  • Visual disturbances: Visual disturbances or auras (the commonly used terms) are warning signs that indicate the coming of a severe headache. These symptoms normally occur on both eyes and include sudden eye pain, blurred vision, temporary blind spots, colored spots, flashing lights, stars, and zigzag lines. Another symptom is tunnel vision – defective sight in which objects cannot be seen properly unless brought close to the eyes. Other aura symptoms may include speech difficulty, lack of concentration, nausea, dizziness, a feeling of spinning, yawning, weakness, and numbness, or tingling.

  • Severe pain: After the warning signs comes the migraine headache itself. The intensity of the pain varies from one person to the next. However, it mostly occurs on one side of the head felt either behind the eyes, or at the back of the head and neck. Reoccurring migraines start on the same side of the head each time. Symptoms of migraines can be classified as a throbbing, pulsating, or pounding pain that is worse on one side of the head. It normally begins as a dull ache and gains momentum to become an unbearable and painful headache within a span of minutes or hours. The duration of the pain greatly varies and can last for 6 to 48 hours or even over 72 hours as in the case of Stratus Migrainosus. Other symptoms that accompany the headache include sweating, chills, fatigue, increased urination, loss of appetite, vomiting, and sensitivity to light and sound.

Symptoms vary greatly from one person to the next. Some patients have reported changes in memory, fear, confusion, partial paralysis, and fainting during the aura stage. In addition, the speech and hearing of other patients may be affected.

Symptoms tend to linger after the headache has passed. These migraine symptoms are commonly referred to as the ‘migraine hangover symptoms.’ They include mental dullness, lack of clear or sharp thinking, neck pain, and sleepiness.

Migraine Causes

What causes migraines? Well this question has no clear-cut answer but several schools of thought do exist, which provide varied explanations. Migraines are as a direct result of abnormal brain activity that can be triggered by several factors. According to medical experts, the attack involves nerve pathways and chemicals and begins in the brain. This leads to changes in the normal functioning of the brain, which in turn affects the flow of vital blood to the cerebral tissues. A chemical found in the brain known as Serotonin decreases when migraines occur. The drop of this chemical causes blood vessels in the brain to contract suddenly, which then leads to aura symptoms. Once the blood vessels finally widen the severe headache then occurs. 

The complete list of causes of migraines is quite extensive and greatly differs from one person to the next. However, below are some of the most common causes that trigger migraines:

  • Genes: Single gene disorders that cause migraines are quite rare but they exist. Medical studies have linked four genes that are involved in ‘familial hemiplegic migraine’. This is a type of severe headache occurring in the aura stage, which can be passed on through family generations. In addition, some genetic disorders can cause migraines.

  • Food: There are some foods that may be safe to eat but triggers migraines in people who suffer from the condition. For instance, citrus fruits, though commonly associated with healthy living, are forbidden from severe headache sufferers as they contain high levels of tyramine, which triggers an attack. Other foods that have been known to trigger migraines include ice cream, alcohol, chocolate, processed meats, cheese, and caffeine. Caffeine containing drinks can be a little confusing when it comes to migraines. This is because while the drinks trigger migraines in some patients, for others it actually helps to alleviate the pain. Foods containing monosodium glutamate and aspartame have also been known to cause migraines. As a form of preventative treatment, patients suffering from migraines are usually advised by their doctors to keep off foods that they know trigger an attack.

  • Environmental triggers: Migraines can be brought about by exposure to environmental conditions such as thick smoke from fires, cigarette smoke, changes in weather, and a change in atmospheric pressure. Other environmental triggers include loud noise, flickering screens, bright lights, a stuffy atmosphere, and strong smells.

  • Psychological triggers: Strong emotions such as anxiety, excitement, shock, stress, tension, and depression can trigger migraines.

  • Hormones: Migraines are more common in women than in men. Most migraines in women are triggered by a change in hormone levels. A huge number of women who experience migraines get the attack during pregnancy or at the time of their period.

Other causes of migraines are low blood sugar, poor posture, long trips, too much physical activity, medicine, lack of proper sleep, and tension on the neck or shoulders.

Different Stages of Migraines

Migraines have four well-defined stages with each one varying in duration and severity from one patient to another. However, people who suffer from this condition do not go through all the stages. These stages are outlined below.

  • Premonitory: The premonitory or prodromal stage occurs in about 60% of all people who suffer from migraines and can last for 1 hour to 2 days before finally moving on to the next phase. Symptoms of this stage include mood swings, thirst, craving for certain foods, tiredness, stiff neck, and sensitivity to smell and sound.

  • Aura: The aura phase can occur before or during the headache and does not last for more than one hour. The symptoms include visual disturbances and sensory symptoms such as numbness.

  • Pain: The pain phase or the main attack stage consists of a one sided throbbing pain in the head. The intensity of the pain varies with the most severe one rendering the patient unable to move. This stage can last for as long as 3 days. It is normally accompanied by a few extra symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light, sound, and smell.

  • Postdrome: The postdrome stage occurs as an after effect of the pain phase and may persist for a few days. During this stage, patients report a feeling of being hung over and tired. Other symptoms of this phase include weakness, mood changes, cognitive difficulties, and mild pain in the affected side of the head.

Various Forms of Migraine Treatment

Millions of people worldwide suffer from migraines either once at some point in their lives or from time to time in patients who suffer from recurring headaches. There is no cure for migraines; however, migraine treatment helps make the condition more manageable. The treatment aims at preventing symptoms, treating symptoms right away, or avoiding or changing triggers. 

There are three levels of the treatment, which are listed below:

  • Preventative treatment: This form of treatment aims at preventing migraines from occurring. Preventative treatment is ideal for people who suffer from migraines regularly despite undertaking several attempts to stop the headache permanently. Doctors usually come in handy as they are capable of studying the patient and conducting several test to choose the most suitable and effective treatment. Migraine medication can include medicines that fall under the category of, antidepressants, antihistamines, anti-inflammatory drugs, beta-blockers, and anticonvulsants. The right preventative medication for migraines leads to a significant decrease in the number of attacks and is usually taken over a specified period. Whatever improvement brought about by the medicine, treatment continues until the patient completes the prescribed dosage. This medication helps to break the cycle of migraines. A few examples of preventative medicines for this condition include Magnesium, Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), and Riboflavin (Vitamin B2¬). Magnesium is one of the essential mineral elements in the body with studies showing that some people suffer from migraines because of magnesium deficiency. In such cases, magnesium medication is very effective in preventing migraines. Riboflavin helps to improve the way in which oxygen is metabolized in the brain and as result is used to treat migraines. CoQ10 helps to facilitate and control chemical reactions in the brain. A study conducted on the effectiveness of CoQ10 showed that patients suffering from migraines experienced a 50% decrease on the frequency of the attacks upon taking the medicine. The effects of CoQ10 kick in after one month with the drug being most effective when taken for a period of 3 months.

  • Acute or symptomatic treatment: This form of treatment treats the various symptoms of migraines as soon an attack begins. The treatment does not stop the pain but instead it helps to reduce the length and severity of the attack. Doctors prescribing acute treatments base their decision on the severity of the attack and not on how often the migraines occur. Based on individual assessment, a doctor can prescribe a combination of effective medications, which can be found in drug stores. This prevents the patient from having to see the doctor every time an attack occurs. Keeping track of the effectiveness of the prescribed medication is important as it allows the doctor to increase the dosage or come up with another combination if the desired effect is not attained.

  • Rescue treatment: This form of treatment is used to deal with migraines if acute treatment fails. When acute treatment does not provide enough relief doctors further study the patient to come up with medications that are more effective. The prescribed medicines of this treatment aim at relieving pain and other symptoms such as vomiting.

Why choose us for migraine compounding?

Tanos Pharmacy Specialists have a state of the art compounding pharmacy that prepares a combination of effective medications as prescribed by the doctor. Therefore, if you are looking for a specifically compounded migraine medication, you can find help from Tanos Pharmacy. 

The various custom-made compounded medicines for the treatment of migraines are blended in forms that are easy to administer even when the patient is suffering from nausea. Also on offer at Tanos Pharmacy are Magnesium, Riboflavin, and CoQ10 migraines preventative medicines. These medicines are available in capsule and suspensions.

Tanos Pharmacy Specialists have a state of the art compounding laboratory and sterile room.

At Tanos Pharmacy, you are assured of safety and quality. The main priority at Tanos Pharmacy is to improve your quality of life by offering safe, and effective medicines for migraines and much more. Therefore, the compounding pharmacists of this facility strictly follow detailed standard operating procedures to ensure that every single medicine or compounded batch is pure, safe, and effective.

General Compounding Information

Compounding is simply the science of combining individual ingredients to create a specific medication.

Before the mass production of medications in the 1950’s, the majority of medicines were compounded to suit an individual’s needs by specialist pharmacists. Today, there is a resurgence of interest in compounded medications as people discover that mass produced medications may not suit their particular situation.

Sea Sickness Compounding

A huge majority of people suffer from seasickness when traveling on water. This is a type of motion sickness characterized with nausea as one of the earliest symptoms. As the symptoms progress, the illness is accompanied by sweating and vomiting. In severe cases, victims experience vertigo. Sometimes the condition may also be called altitude sicknesses when referring to the same symptoms that occur to some passengers when travelling in an aircraft. Most people that experience recurrent episodes often resort to using sea sickness medication and drug-free remedies to control or prevent the symptoms.

Seasickness can be quite distressing. Anyone that has it can attest to this. In fact, a strong attack is capable of ruining an otherwise perfect vacation. It all starts with the rocking motion of a travel vessel, in most cases ships and boats. When this happens, the brain receives conflicting signals since the eyes see stationary images, but the equilibrium sensors located in the ears register a moving environment. This discordance in the body triggers the onset of symptoms, which aggravate when left untreated. As the condition worsens, the brain sends alarm signals to the body, instructing it to shut down complex activities like digestion, which explains the vomiting that experienced later on.

The most discomforting aspect of seasickness is not being able to stop it. Most people try to close their eyes or focus on the inner surroundings. This at times can ease symptoms. Some people just rest and wait for the rocking movement to subside. This should not be a problem if it is a short trip to the nearest harbor, but if you are in the middle of the ocean and far from dry land, the only option is to wait until the waters settle which can take hours or even days. So what do you do if you are looking forward to an epic multi-day cruise trip or planning to start a career at sea but always feel queasy when you step in a boat? Fortunately, up to 75% of sea sick people get accustomed to the sea with time. As for the other 25%, the only remaining option is to seek treatment or learn how to prevent seasickness.

Tips to Control or Prevent Sea Sickness

If you tend to get seasick or don’t know whether this condition will settle in when you set foot in a boat or cruise ship for the first time, it is best to know what to do to prevent or control it. There are certain situations that you can avoid as well when trying to prevent seasickness and things you can do to keep symptoms from worsening. Some of these methods have been scientifically tested, while others are just sailors’ tales. As a result, they might not work for everyone but are worth trying if you are determined to travel by sea despite the possibility of experiencing motion sickness. Here are some of the ways in which you can prevent seasickness.

  • Wear Sea Wrist Bands: The good thing with using sea wristbands is that they eliminate the need for travel sickness medication. There are generally two kinds of wristbands to choose from, but all of them work with the same principle. These include acupuncture and magnetic wristbands. The acupuncture wristbands have a ball for applying pressure while the other kinds apply pressure with magnets. Both sea bands create a pressing sensation on a pressure point located on the underside of the arm about 1.5 inches above the wrists. By simply wearing these bands like a bracelet, they might suppress seasickness symptoms.

  • Be careful of what you eat: People tend to get seasick when they overeat, especially food that induces symptoms. This includes greasy and high fat foods, which swirl around the stomach easily when ridding in a rocking boat or ship. Some people suggest that eating is important to prevent seasickness itself, but remember not to over-eat the wrong kinds of food that can trigger an attack.

  • Avoid drinking too much alcohol: Excessive alcohol drinking can get you seasick even on dry land, so imagine what this can do while at sea. Therefore, it is wise to avoid too much alcohol at all costs, even if you are immune to seasickness.

  • Choose Cruise Ships with Frequent Breaks: If you will be traveling at sea for several days during a cruise, it is best to pick an itinerary that takes frequent breaks at every harbor. This will allow you to enjoy a change of scenery, which is helpful for those that experience frequent attacks of seasickness.

  • Stare at the Horizon: This is one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to blocking out motion sickness symptoms. The horizon is the only thing that appears to be still when moving in a ship. Looking at it helps some people to restore internal equilibrium and hence preventing aggravation or onset of symptoms.

  • Close Your Eyes: Many health care specialists believe that seasickness happens when the brain gets confused with too many signals. Since still images conflict with a state of internal movements, closing the eyes can cancel out the confusing stimuli.

  • Ginger vitamins: Ginger is a natural stomach soother. Therefore, you can chew, suck, or dilute ginger vitamins in tea to treat motion sickness. This home remedy is ideal for those that experience mild symptoms of seasickness. To achieve maximum effects, it is best to use ginger vitamins in conjunction with sea bands.

  • Medications: Over the counter drugs such as Dramamine and Bonine are commonly used to treat seasickness. The downside with these medications is that they can cause drowsiness. Therefore, they are not ideal if you will be working at sea. Scopolamine is another common drug that treats seasickness symptoms. It comes either in pill form or gel patches worn behind the ear. However, keep in mind that prolonged use of scopolamine patches can induce hallucinations. You can also take many other anti-nausea and anti-motion pills, but they also can cause side effects.

  • Keep your mind off the moving ship: If you can train your mind not to think about the fact that you are moving on water, this can be helpful in keeping motion sickness at bay. The best way to achieve this is staying preoccupied with fun things while on the ship. This should not be a problem when traveling on cruise vessels since they often provide plenty of entertainment for everyone aboard.

These are just some of popular methods of preventing and controlling motion sickness while at sea. Remember, if one method fails to work, try the other. In case you suffer strong symptoms of seasickness, make sure to consult your doctor on the best remedy. For those that opt to go with medication, it is important to know the benefits of choosing compounded drugs over conventional tablets for seasickness. First, let’s look at some important factors to keep in mind when taking seasickness pills.

Things to keep in mind when taking Sea Sickness Medicines

The best way to solve issues of motion sickness is to get accustomed to moving in a seafaring vessel. Remember also that this condition can also manifest when traveling on bumpy roads or even in an aircraft. Some patients manage to get over it with time. They do this through cognitive-behavioral training that aims to lessen responses to proactive motion. This can be achieved when one takes multiple trips in a rocking vessel and masters the art of not thinking about the moving craft. But, when this therapy fails, most patients turn to sea sickness tablets.

Medications that attempt to control symptoms associated with this illness include promethazine, scopolamine, dimenhydrinate, and stugeron, just to mention a few. These drugs are often available in tablet form and can be obtained over the counter with a doctor’s prescription.

While seasickness pills can help patients suffering from this illness, they also present challenges of their own. For instance, about 1% of people that use these medications experience side effects. These include reactions such as:

  • Constipation;
  • Dizziness;
  • Drowsiness;
  • Dry Mouth; and
  • Lack of energy

These side effects vary in strength and do not manifest in every patient. If you are concerned about them, ensure to talk about the benefits and risk with your doctor. This is important given the fact that there are different types of seasickness medications that make use of varying ingredients. Patents tend to react differently to treatment, hence the importance of consulting a doctor.

If any of the above listed side effects appear strongly, seek immediate medical attention from your physician. Also, ensure to discuss with your physician about any medications you may be taking for an underlying health problem.

Compounded Sea Sickness Medicines vs Conventional Medicines

When looking for motion sickness medication, you have two options. You can either buy your medications using your doctor’s prescription from a normal drug store, or do what a growing number of patients are doing and visit a compounding pharmacy. The latter option has become quite popular with the resurgences of pharmaceutical compounding. This is the art and science of creating customized medications to meet a patient’s needs. More and more pharmacists are prescribing compounded motion sickness drugs for their patients because of the many benefits that this option provides.

Unlike over the counter seasickness drugs that come in standard doses, compounded medications can be customized precisely to treat a patient depending on the strength of symptoms that each individual experiences. As a result, motion sickness treatment with the help of a compounding pharmacy offers potent drugs suited just for your needs. This eliminates the possibility of taking doses that are too strong or those that are less potent and leave the patient still feeling sick.

The art of compounding seasickness drugs spans beyond offering patients tailored medications. This process also makes it possible to compound different ingredients and create treatment drugs in alternate forms. For instance, a compounding pharmacy can provide sea sickness creams and gels that you can apply tropically on the skin instead of swallowing. This is ideal for patients who are too sick to take medication orally after an attack or those who experience irritations when swallowing sea sickness tablets.

Highly specialized compounding pharmacists such as those at Tanos Pharmacy also know how to formulate tailored drugs devoid of inactive ingredients that cause side effects. This is done through careful monitoring of a patient by studying how he or she reacts to prescribed seasickness drugs. Any dyes, preservatives, and filler ingredients that instigate allergic reactions can be stripped away from prescribed medication that your doctor recommends, and all thanks to the art of pharmaceutical compounding.

Medication for Sea Sickness from Tanos Pharmacy

Tanos Pharmacy is one of the leading compounding pharmacies in Australia. It provides a wide range of customized medications for various health problems, including seasickness.

Most people looking for sea sickness medication often want alterative dose forms besides capsule and tablets. Tanos Pharmacy understands that the last thing that you want when trying to treat motion sickness is oral medication since you might just puke all of it. Therefore, patients that choose this compounding pharmacy have access to a wide variety of motion sickness transdermal sticks and gels. 

These special formulations contain fast acting and long lasting active ingredients meant to reduce nausea and vomiting. Patients simply have to rub these creams and sticks on the wrist to enjoy a seamless traveling experience. Once applied, these creams provide continuous treatment, which can last 6 to 8 hours so that your travel is not ruined by swaying seas or bumpy roads.

Patients who do not mind taking capsules and tablets for fear of side effects or oral discomfort when treating seasickness symptoms can also find such dose forms from Tanos Pharmacy. Our pharmacy works closely with your doctor to create special motion sickness pills tailored for your specific medical needs. Choosing to purchase compounded seasickness drugs from Tanos Pharmacy gives you peace of mind knowing that trained and licensed pharmacists formulate your drugs in a sterile and state of the art pharmacy.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Most of us have heard of the term Hormone Replacement Therapy or HRT but have never really stopped to think about it or tried to understand it better. The only time people try to understand this form of treatment is when it is being administered to them or to someone they know. However, it would not hurt you to become an exception by learning about HRT, after all information is power.

HRT simply refers to any form of hormone therapy where a patient is given hormonal supplements either to supplement lack of naturally occurring hormones or to substitute other hormones for naturally occurring ones. Hormonal imbalance occurs due to a variety of reasons and has no age limit. In addition, the body naturally produces fewer hormones as we get older. 

Hormonal imbalance is a condition that needs to be treated as soon as possible. This is because it causes health issues that reduce the quality of life of the affected person. The form of hormone therapy to be administered varies from one patient to another and requires a consensus between your doctor and the compounding pharmacist to ensure its success.

Tanos Pharmacy works closely with both you and your doctor or dentist to find solutions to the trickiest mouth problems, in order to make dentistry as pain-free and pleasant as possible.  That’s why we create alternate dosage forms for patients for whom commercial medication preparations are not suitable or are troublesome.

For example, patients who have a phobia about needles find our topical anaesthetic delivers exceptional results. And nauseated patients generally tolerate transdermal gels rather than taking tablets.

Children who can’t swallow tablets, may find medicated lollipops or a liquid easier to take Medicated lollipops are also a great vehicle in delivering longer localized treatment for various conditions such as dry mouth, mouth ulcers, oral thrush and local anaesthetic.

Many patients find the taste of dental mouth rinses and solutions unpleasant. We can fix this problem by creating a more pleasant flavouring for your particular product.

In certain situations such as mouth ulcers your doctor may recommend keeping the medication on the area for a long period of time. This creates a problem when dealing with the inside of the mouth. We can help by compounding a solution in the form of a mucosal bandage that is palatable, yet sticks in place and lasts for up to 4 hours in the mouth without compromising the efficacy of the ingredients.

Areas of Oral Health Compounding

We compound a range of products for mouth issues including:

  • ​Cold Sores
  • Oral Lichen Planus
  • Dry Mouth
  • Mouth Ulcers
  • Canker Sores
  • Candidiasis
  • Gingivitis
  • Topical Dental Anaesthetics
  • Burning Mouth Syndrome
  • Local Oral Infections
  • Dry Socket preparations
  • Patients who take anticoagulants
  • Procedural anxiety
  • Kids foot and mouth

    Oral Health Compounding

    Infants and children generally do not enjoy taking medications because of challenges such as dislike of taste, texture, smell, inability to swallow tablets or a fear of needles. As well, some children are allergic to many of the preservative and other additives found in most commercially produced medication. Another challenge parents face is the limited commercially available products for common conditions such as reflux.

    That is where paediatric compounding can be used to resolve these issues for the child and the parent and can make a difficult time easier.

    Our compounding pharmacist can create:

    • The right dose for the child’s size.

    • Preservative and additive free medications.

    • Custom made medications that children will happily take such as lollipops, ice blocks, pleasantly flavoured suspensions, lozenges, suppositories and transdermal creams.

    • Dye free, allergen and excitotoxin free compounded formulations that are ideal for children with Autism, Asperger’s or other related disorders.

    • Omeprazole suspension for babies with reflux, which is an effective and well tolerated option.

    Talk with our compounding pharmacist about your child’s medication needs, and discover ways to make your child happier (and your life easier) while improving their health.

      Paediatric Compounding

      If pain is a part of your life, then our creams and gels can assist in the management of acute or chronic pain with less nasty side-effects.

      Most compounded pain management creams require a doctor’s script.

      Numbing Creams
      Laser procedures such as hair removal, laser tattoo removal and other forms of cosmetic procedures are a great tool but the process can be extremely painful. Tanos Pharmacy has worked closely with people in the industry to create more effective numbing creams than those commercially available in most laser centres, thereby making the whole experience much more pleasant. This may even mean that your tattoo can be removed with less pain than when it went on!

      Muscle Cramp Compounding

      Everyone suffers from muscle cramps at some stage in their life. A muscle cramp or spasm is a sudden involuntary muscle contraction that can last from a few seconds to days. It is usually accompanied by pain and tightness of the muscle.

      Muscle cramps can be caused from dehydration, over-exertion, low electrolytes, overuse, period cramps and medical conditions such as diabetes and muscular sclerosis.

      Tanos Pharmacy can create compounded blends in creams, gels, lotions and capsules to relieve the symptoms of muscle cramps.

      Sport Muscle Blend

      One of our most popular muscle blends has been designed for elite athletes and keen sportspeople and is a magnesium chloride topical cream. Applied to the muscles before and after exercise, it releases muscle tension and may help relieve muscle soreness and pain. Special combinations containing anti-inflammatories can also be applies directly to the area of injury.

      Nerve Pain

      Nerve pain is often very difficult to treat and can include pain which is sometimes described as burning, tingling, numbness or an overreaction to normal stimuli. The pharmacists at Tanos Pharmacy have acess to a wide range of active ingredients which target different types of pain. We can work closely with you and your doctor to formulate a combination of actives in a topical gel form, which pushes the medication through the skin to directly target the areas that are causing the pain and address the problem.

        Pain Management Compounding

        Our feet are our body’s unsung heroes. Which is why finding the right blend of medications is essential for fast healing and pain reduction. Topical blends or transdermal creams are often used to help reduce pain, inflammation and swelling in the feet, ankles and lower legs.

        Our experienced compounding pharmacists work with your podiatrist or medical practitioner to create the optimal blend of medications to be absorbed through the thicker skin on the soles of feet, or the skin on the tops of feet, ankles or toes. We can also blend multiple medications to make it easier to maintain your treatment regime.

        Areas of Podiatry Compounding

        We compound a range of products for podiatry issues including:

        • Diabetic neuropathy
        • Sprains and strains
        • Blisters
        • Inflammation
        • Fungal Nails
        • Athlete's Foot
        • Arthritis
        • Plantar Warts
        • Nail Infection
        • Wound Care
        • Burning foot syndrome
        • Circulation problems
        • Foot cramps
        • Heel Spurs
        • Rough/dry feet
        • Cracked heels & foot calluses

        Nail Fungus Infection Compounding

        Treatment of toe nail fungus is usually undertaken with oral antifungal therapy over a course of three months. This therapy can be fairly harsh on an individual’s system and must be closely monitored by your doctor. An alternative choice is compounding a topical formulation that our patients have found to be effective. Using a topical formula eliminates the need for the medication to go through your body and treats the problem locally.

          Podiatry Compounding

          A good night’s sleep doesn’t have to be hard to come by. For adults and kids who have sleep disturbances, Tanos Pharmacy can create melatonin blends on a doctor’s prescription, in either immediate release formulation for people who have trouble falling asleep, or delayed release formulations for people who struggle to stay asleep.

          And if you or your partner snores (and sleep apnoea is not indicated), then one of our snoring throat sprays may help curb the snoring.

            Sleep & Snoring Compounding

            Sometimes we are looking for a more natural or simple form of a product. Here at Tanos Pharmacy we have an ever growing range of natural alternatives to common personal care products. We can also make everyday products without the additives, colours, flavours, preservatives and allergens! Just ask.

            Check out some of our new Extempia products:

            • NATURAL TOOTHPASTE - fluoride free, sodium lauryl sulfate free . With baking soda for a clean feel and whiter teeth, clove oil and myrrh oil for antibacterial and anti-inflammatory actions for sensitive gums. More salty than sweet, throw your expectations of toothpaste out the window and give it a try!

            • EXTREME HEEL BALM - A blend of organic natural oils and a cream base with added peppermint oil, papaya (paw paw extract), zinc, lactic acid and high strength urea to make those cracks disappear!

            • CUTICLE CREAM - a certified organic blend of natural oils with added papaya extract (paw paw) and lavender oil to nourish and moisturise the skin around your nails

            • TEA TREE OIL PESSARIES / SUPPOSITORIES - a natural alternative for feminine hygeine which may help with low grade thrush or candida

              Natural Alternatives

              One of the core areas of specialisation of Tanos Pharmacy is veterinary compounding for both domestic and exotic animals.

              Dosing animals is often not a simple process. Commercially available medications may be designed for one particular species; however that dosage and dosage form may not be suitable for a smaller or different species. 

              Our veterinary compounding creates medications that are:

              • At the correct dosage for a specific animal.
              • Easier to administer.
              • More palatable - this means that the animal is happy to take them.

              For example, we can create tasty chewable treats or topical dosages for where tablets are not tolerated (or where tablets are hard to administer). You can even request personalized flavours if your pet is particularly finicky and only likes chicken or liver (for example). We can also formulate gels that are much easier to apply to cats than giving them tablets.

              And if your animals fall into the wild, exotic or zoo category, one of our compounding pharmacists has a special interest in compounding for native and exotic animals. Tell us your issue, and we will find a way to help you deliver the required medication.

                Veterinary Compounding

                The human body is complex and interesting and has fascinated medical scientists worldwide. The study of the human body has led scientists to discover several amazing and important components one of which is the hormones. In scientific terms, hormones are chemical messengers produced by various body glands and directed into the bloodstream where they make their way to various body organs to facilitate specific body functions. Therefore, it goes without saying that hormones are very important to the proper functioning of the body. 

                So what happens when there is a lack of production, over production, or deficiency of hormones? Well, that leads to body malfunctions, thus leading to health problems and body discomforts. Thanks to the dedication of scientists, hormonal imbalances are treatable through either HRT or Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT).

                HRT and BHRT are similar in the sense that the treatments were formulated under a common goal and are both used to treat hormonal imbalances. The only difference lies in the fact that BHRT supplemental hormones have the same molecular structure as those naturally produced by the body while HRT supplemental hormones do not.

                To ensure the effectiveness of the therapy, a compounding pharmacist mixes up a blend of bioidentical hormones based on the patient’s individual needs, which are indicated by blood and saliva tests done by a doctor. You can either purchase bioidentical hormones from a compounding pharmacy where a blend of hormones is created uniquely tailored for you or from a conventional pharmacist where these hormones are available in a wide range of set doses. 

                Either way, the prescriptions are based on a series of tests therefore results will most likely be the same. BHRT is a customized treatment. This simply means that the dose and the way in which the treatment is administered will only address the needs of the patient.

                  What is Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)?

                  HRT is a long term therapy in which patients require to be monitored regularly. Monitoring is very important as it allows for implementation of adjustments, which either lower health risks or make the treatment more effective.   Benefits of this treatment vary from women to men. 

                  Below are the benefits that women experience from this therapy:

                  • Systemic hormone therapy: The systemic administration of the estrogen hormone in a variety of forms is very effective in relieving problematic menopausal symptoms. All symptoms ranging from night sweats, to moodiness, to forgetfulness are treated through ERT. However, the most beneficial aspect of this therapy is arguably the treatment of Osteoporosis. Estrogen halts or slows down bone loss for as long as it is present in a woman’s body, so a cessation of this hormone leads to accelerated bone loss a condition known as Osteoporosis. Some conducted studies have also revealed that the production of estrogen reduce the risks of hip and vertebral fractures though this study is yet to be expounded on. Aside from treating Osteoporosis, ERT also helps reduce risk of heart failure when taken early in postmenopausal years according to some studies. When administered properly, HRT significantly reduces mortality risk without any apparent risk in cancer and stroke.

                  • Low dose vaginal products: The low dose vaginal preparations of estrogen can come in ring, tablet, or cream form and are specifically used to treat vaginal symptoms of menopause and not the other symptoms. These products treat urinary and vaginal symptoms while ensuring that the medication does not get absorbed into the body.

                  HRT offers men the following benefits:

                  • Stronger bones: Just like women suffer from Osteoporosis after the body stops producing estrogen men also suffer from thinning of the bones due to low levels of testosterone. Research shows that the fatality rate of weak bones is 2 to 3 times higher in men than in women. Old men with hip fractures can die within the first year of injury. TRT is very beneficial to men with low testosterone levels as it helps to improve bone mineral density thus significantly reducing bone fractures.

                  • Stronger body: TRT increases lean body mass, decreases fat mass, and increases strength in men. This treatment reverses one of the most common symptoms of low testosterone levels which is loss of strength. The therapy is also effective in treating prostrate problems and erectile dysfunctions.

                    Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)?

                    Hormone Replacement Therapy has always been used to treat menopause symptoms in women. Also known as Estrogen Replacement Therapy (ERT), this form of treatment still remains to be the most effective treatment for menopausal symptoms despite there being the claim of this therapy leading to some health risks. Most therapists believe that the benefits of hormone therapy far outweigh any possible risks. Women should consider HRT when they experience various hormonal symptoms such as hot flashes, and are not benefiting from other treatments. It is also wise to consider HRT in the case of premature menopause.

                    People suffering from under or over active thyroids should consider HRT as the condition can lead to serious health problems if left untreated. Normally the adrenal glands secrete hormones such as testosterone, coristol, and estrogen which are essential to health and vitality. Therefore, when the adrenal glands fail to function properly, a person is said to be suffering from Thyroid Imbalance or Adrenal Dysfunction as it’s commonly referred to. Intense and continuous physical or emotional stress and acute or chronic infections leads to Adrenal Fatigue, which in turn leads to Adrenal Dysfunction. This condition affects the overall function of the body because proper adrenal support is very important as it completes the hormonal pathway that is essential for optimum health. 

                    Most patients suffering from thyroid imbalance find Thyroid Compounding more effective and tolerable than traditional hormone replacement therapy medications. This however is not to say that the medications are not effective. The Thyroid Compounding treatment to be administered depends on whether a patient is suffering from hypothyroidism (low levels of thyroid hormone) or hyperthyroidism (high levels of thyroid hormone).

                    Men suffering from hypogonadism should consider HRT. Male hypogonadism is a condition where the body does not produce enough testosterone, a hormone responsible for masculine growth and development. This condition can be treated by the Androgen Replacement Therapy (ARP), often referred to as Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).

                      When to consider Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)?

                      As age increases amongst men, so does the need of HRT. According to recent studies in the US, the average age of men is expected to significantly rise over the next 25 years with the greatest increase occurring in men over 65 years. On the other hand, Australian statistics indicate that baby boys born between 2009 and 2011 will live up to the age of 79 while men who were 65 at that time can expect to live for another 19 years. While these statistics are good news, they also mean that there will be an increase in age-related illnesses such as lowered levels of essential hormones. Fortunately, medical research has enabled hormone replacement therapy Australia as well as US specialists to be prepared for such scenarios.

                      As men age, the level of testosterone production gradually decreases. The rate at which the decrease occurs varies greatly from one man to another. However, testosterone levels naturally decrease about 1 percent annually after the age of 50. A decrease in the production of this hormone in men is much like menopause to women. This condition is scientifically known as hypogonadism or androgen deficiency.

                      The ideal TRT or ARP Therapy for men entirely depends on the precise drop of testosterone levels and as such varies from one patient to the next. The treatment aims at maintaining the right concentration of the hormone without causing severe side effects to the patient. HRT for men can be taken in several ways including, orally, intramuscular injections, pills, gels, implants, and patches. DHEA Replacement Therapy can also be used to treat hypogonadism. Just like in the case of women, this therapy is applied together with other hormone replacement therapies.

                        Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for Men

                        HRT for women is a treatment used to relive symptoms of menopause. The treatment replaces estrogen and progesterone female hormones that are no longer produced after menopause. Progesterone and estrogen plays an important role in a woman’s body such that when the levels fall, a range of physical and emotional symptoms occur. These symptoms can include vaginal dryness, hot flushes, night sweats, thinning of the bones, and mood swings. In such cases, HRT comes in handy as it restores the female hormones to normal levels thus allowing the body to function normally again. 

                        HRT can be taken in the following ways:

                        • Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) Restoration Therapy: DHEA is the raw ingredient that the body uses to makes its own hormones. Restoring DHEA levels in the body is viewed as an integral part of a comprehensive hormone restoration regimen. Therefore, this therapy is usually administered alongside other HRT treatments. HRT and DHEA therapy is commonly used to treat unbalanced hormones as well as fertility problems.

                        • Creams or gels: Either taken by mouth or applied on the vagina to treat dryness.

                        • Patches: A patch is normally stuck onto your skin.

                        • Tablets: These can either be taken by mouth or placed directly into the vagina for women experiencing vaginal dryness.

                        • Implants: The implant option involves the insertion of small pellets of estrogen while one is under local anesthesia. These pellets are inserted under the skin of the stomach, buttock, or thigh.

                        Though HRT significantly helps women alleviate menopause symptoms, the treatment does not apply to all women. That is why it is advisable to go for a complete health checkup and submit a full medical history to determine whether the treatment is the right way to go. Doctors usually advice against HRT if there is a family history of cancer, blood clots, heart disease, high blood pressure or liver disease.

                          Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for Women

                          If you are looking for the best hormone replacement therapy Australia has to offer, then look no further than Tanos Compounding Specialists.  The main aim of this of this compounding pharmacy is to improve the quality of your life. Every patient that seeks the help of this firm’s highly qualified specialists receives quality treatment. The treatment is administered with a high level of professionalism and no problem is too small or too complicated at Tanos Pharmacy.

                          Tanos Pharmacy Specialists offers a variety of effective HRT treatments. Whether you are looking for Thyroid Compounding, BHRT, HRT for women, or hormone replacement therapy for men, Tanos Pharmacy will cater to your specific need. With the effectiveness of the various treatments offered, you will be able to get back to your normal life in no time.

                          The best thing about Tanos Pharmacy is that the treatments offered are highly personalized. Improving the health of patients is the first priority of this compounding pharmacy. As such, different strategies about ingredients, formulation, and strength of medications are employed based on the medical conditions of every patient that seeks hormonal imbalance treatments.

                          Why choose us?

                          Why do we need compounded medicines?

                          Mass produced medications meet the majority of needs of patients, but there are many medically necessary situations where compounded medications are required:

                          • Remove Allergens – Many patients are allergic to preservatives, dyes, sugar, alcohol, gluten or food colours. Compounding can make allergen free over the counter and prescription medications, formulated to leave out the problem ingredients.

                          • Alternative Dose Forms – Many patients can’t swallow tablets, have too many tablets to swallow, or find that tablets create gastrointestinal problems. Compounding can change the dosage form to one that is tolerated by the patient.

                          • Exact Dosage Requirements – Where a patient needs an exact dose and the particular dose is not commercially available, then compounding can create the exact dose requirements. We can increase or decrease dose strengths to reduce multiple tablets or to make it more convenient to deliver the correct dosage.

                          • Flavour – Let’s be honest, not all medications taste great. If the patient doesn’t like the taste, then they won’t take their medicine. Compounding can add flavours to mask the taste of medications without disturbing the medication’s effectiveness.

                          • Dose Compliance – Some medications may require tablets to be taken a number of times throughout the day. At times this may not be easy to accomplish with busy lifestyles or simply remembering to take them. Compounding can find different formats that may mean only having to take the medication once daily rather than multiple times per day.

                          • Discontinued Medications – Medications may become unavailable for a variety of reasons. Compounding can replicate discontinued medications when appropriate by combining the active pharmaceutical ingredients into the most appropriate dosage and form for the patient.

                          • Sterile Injection Forms – We can compound particular medicines or vitamins into sterile injection formats to suit your unique needs.

                          What forms can compounded medicines take?

                          Our compounding pharmacists work closely with you and your practitioner to create medications in a form that is suitable for you and your lifestyle. 

                          Some of the dosage forms include:

                          • Oral/Topical Syringes – for more accurate dosages

                          • Capsules – immediate release and coated or slower release capsules

                          • Troches – “lozenges” that sit in the mouth and dissolve slowly

                          • Rapid Dissolve Tablets & Tablet Triturates – tablets that dissolve on/ or under the tongue

                          • Suspensions, Solutions & Foams

                          • Popsicles – brilliant in summer!

                          • Lollipops – great for extended delivery and for kids

                          • Transdermal Creams, Gels, Ointments & Sticks – one of the best alternatives to oral forms of medications or for local action on skin

                          • Ophthalmic preparations & eye drops – for eye problems

                          • Injectables – intramuscular, IV infusions, intradental, sterile gels, irrigations

                          • Suppositories & Pessaries

                          • Oral Rinses

                          • Nasal Sprays

                          • Veterinary Formulations including:
                            • Chewable treats - flavoured to your pets taste, makes medicine time a treat, not a nightmare
                            • Transdermal creams- an alternative to an oral medication route
                            • Dial-a-dose syringes - making dosing easy and safe for large animals like horses

                          • and many more…

                          Is Compounding Safe?

                          Compounding pharmacies are covered by extensive legal requirements. In addition, Tanos Pharmacy is accredited by the QCCP and PCCA, and complies with all requirements.

                          We follow strict quality assurance protocols and our equipment and laboratory are state-of-the-art. Our batches are tested to ensure safety, purity and efficacy of our processes. We only ever produce individual products to order and never mass-produce medications.

                          This means your compounded medications are as safe as can possibly be produced.

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